A crane is a widely used type of machine for transporting goods over short distances. There are several kinds of cranes for different industrial fields. In the cargo handling environment, especially at a container terminal, there are several cranes to boost productivity.

The training module begins by giving a general overview of gantry crane technology. A brief motivation why automation in the crane business is absolutely necessary is followed by trends and challenges in container terminals.

The next chapter is about a simulation model of a STS crane. Basic configurations as well as some conventions are considered, which are helpful to understand the simulation model and its behavior appropriately.

The anti-sway functionality, which is the main part of this training module, is cover in detail in this chapter. The concepts of trajectory planning, open loop and closed loop control are explained exactly. A discussion of the advantage/disadvantage of the control strategy and possible applications complete this chapter.

The next chapter provides an overview of the skew problem, which is caused by the mechanical construction of the crane.

Many common methods to measure the load pose (position and orientation) are presented finally.

Contents and objectives

  • Gantry crane technologies
  • Simulation model
  • Anti-Sway
  • Auto-Skew
  • Sensor systems


Model number

TM490 – Crane technologies

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