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A number of colleges and universities have been united to establish the B&R scholastic union, give full play to the intelligence of the alliance and bear social responsibility Based on B&R industrial automation products, build laboratories in Colleges and Universities based on real industrial automation production scenarios Design relevant experiments for university basic courses and provide practical opportunities for students. In addition, baccalais and university teachers jointly prepare teaching materials.

  • Provide technical training to enhance students' practical ability
  • Provide scientific research project support and improve students' R & D ability
  • Provide certification and assessment mechanism to improve students' employment rate


Jin Xin

Education Network
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Sales Engineer

Wang Lin

Media Propagandist

History of B&R China

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The B&R scholastic union competition is a national college students' innovative design competition with the purpose of "integration of industry, University and research, innovation and continuation of the future". It is one of the competitions strongly supported and promoted by the Education Steering Committee. It is held every two years. To learn more, please click the button below.

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Intelligent learning

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