India's printing industry has undergone revolutionary changes over the past few years. We sat down with Dhiraj Gajria, VP - Operations at Print Plus to find out what his company is doing to remain competitive in such a challenging market.

Q. What is the size of print market in India?

Even with an increase in digitisation, the printing industry continues to grow steadily. I have numerous applications on my mobile, but I am more comfortable reading news from the newspaper than on my smartphone. Today, India's printing sector is doing well due to the availability of the necessary technology and resources at an economical cost. There are numerous job opportunities expected in this industry due to an overall growth rate of 12% per annum.

Q. Which market segments do you cater to and what is your firm’s capacity?

Using state-of-the-art technology, we print brochures, catalogues, posters, stationery, visual aids, annual reports, magazines, books, pharma labels, cartons, calendars and much more. To be more specific, Print Plus works with the most renowned magazines in India, Filmfare and Femina. Apart from that, we also cater to the export of educational books. The majority of our printing work comes from the publishing sector. In a day, we convert more than 40-50 metric tons of paper.

Q. Can you comment on the impact of new trends in the industry?

In the digital era, print media is no longer the primary source of news and information. The rapid growth of virtual media has definitely affected the circulation of print media, but certainly not its importance. Despite a lot of modernization on a lot of platforms with regards to business, the ways of old still work and are very effective in reaching out to a lot of people. Internet cannot reach every part of India. People still prefer reading newspapers, magazines and books over smartphone apps and Kindle. Technology is changing rapidly and, in turn, so are many traditional approaches. The print industry is an area where these changes and innovations can be witnessed clearly. To be competitive, we have upgraded our printing processes with a lot of automation, which has maximised our productivity and curbed the labour problem. In future, we are looking to further increase productivity by implementing automation in post-press departments and utilities.

Q. How has the machine’s performance been with B&R hardware?

In the printing industry, the focus is always on quality, speed and precision. High-performance controllers and synchronised drives are necessary for achieving desired level of quality. We are impressed with B&R’s technology, which is 100% production friendly and fits perfectly into our production processes. We are happy with B&R technology, which results in better machine performance, more safety functions and a higher level of availability in the smallest possible space. With B&R, we are assured 24/7 operation without downtime, while maintaining quality at the highest level.

Q. What are your company's future plans?

Print Plus is dedicated to advanced technologies that ensure excellent product quality, quick turnaround time, competitive pricing, minimum wastage and low maintenance . We aim to become a company to reckon with in the global printing industry. Our mission is fueled by the efforts of our workforce and the company's core values to cater to the individual demands of our clientele.

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