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Smart manufacturing for ultimate production effectiveness
B&R provides solutions for tomorrow’s needs resulting in significant competitive edge in the area of smart manufacturing and production effectiveness. More...


Technoshell: Foil stamping
Stamp of approval More...

ACG Pam-Pac: Pharmaceutical packaging
Integrating robotics with blistering speed More...

Windsor: Multilayer blown film lines
The flexible future of plastics processing More...

Parle Kovai: Linear tube filling
Filled with innovation More...

Galaxy: Resealable packaging
It's in the pouch More...

Plastech: Factory automotion
Adding ‘SMART’ to factories More...

Prakash: Web offset printing
Fit to print More...

Pet Plast: PET blow molding
Mind-BLOWING speed More

Finearc: Automotive
A suspenseful story with a twist More

HHV group: The future of coating
Thin film deposition More


Jhankar Dutta, Managing Director, B&R India
Jhankar Dutta, Managing Director, B&R India speaks on innovations and plan to achieve higher growth in the competitive Indian market. More...

Dhiraj Gajria, VP – Operations, Print Plus
India's printing industry has undergone revolutionary changes over past few years. We sat down with Dhiraj Gajria, VP - Operations at Print Plus to find out what his company is doing to remain competitive in such a challenging market. More...

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