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Indian economy is experiencing rapid growth, which is fueling the need for advanced automation concepts and best manufacturing practices. Jhankar Dutta, Managing Director, B&R India speaks on innovations and plans to achieve higher growth in the competitive Indian market.

Q. How is India's automation market shaping up, considering the current market trends?

The government's initiative of 'Make In India' aims to make India a global manufacturing hub. This movement comes timely with Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 and is already witnessing a tremendous impact on manufacturing practices in India, enabling a trajectory for high and sustainable growth. The best manufacturing practices together with next-generation automation solutions pave the way for Indian machine builders to make a leap in industrial development and achieve global leadership. The focus on smart manufacturing is encouraging maximum use of automation, robotics and digitisation in facilities to lower production costs while enhancing efficiency, productivity and OEE. The government is strongly focusing on enabling and supporting small and medium sized enterprises in the adoption of next-generation automation technologies in order to become globally more competitive. Today's Indian manufacturers wish to be technological leaders rather than low-cost players. India is a land of opportunity and the convergence of government policy and global trends makes it an extremely attractive market!

Q. How do you foresee the growth of B&R India in the coming years?

The Indian economy is experiencing rapid growth, fueling the need for advanced automation concepts and the best manufacturing practices. B&R is already satisfying various customer demands with modular, flexible and integrated automation solutions. We are the perfect partner for Indian machine builders and factory operators for implementing innovative advanced automation concepts and becoming Industrial IoT ready. With our hardware and software solutions, we are technology and market leaders in various industry segments, providing best-in-class machine and factory automation solutions. With our next-generation intelligent transport solutions SuperTrak and ACOPOStrak, we deliver key benefits for adaptive manufacturing to enable flexible and efficient production at any batch size. To stay competitive, an organisation must anticipate the most significant technology trends that shape its business and change with its customers demands. We collaborate with our customers and move forward with them hand-in-hand as they become market leaders. In India, we are expanding our corporate headquarters to 16,000 square feet to keep pace with our projected doubling of business volume over the next three years.

Q. What gives you an edge over your competitors? What is your strategy?

Today, the growing industry demand is resulting in stronger and ever-expanding automation vendor portfolios. As it becomes harder to differentiate through hardware products, it becomes increasingly vital to differentiate through technology expertise, industry expertise, after-sales service and support. B&R is renowned for consistently bringing innovative solutions, shaping the market and providing the best-in-class service to its customers. We are now taking customer service to the next level with "World Class Support" – a dedicated support hotline +91 83 80 800 008 that serves as a single point of contact for our customers all across India. Customers nationwide will now enjoy reduced response times and an enhanced customer support experience. In turn, this will enable them to offer their customers faster service and reduced machine downtime.

Q. How will your customers be affected by B&R joining the ABB Group?

ABB and B&R have each been market leaders in their own right, and together offer our customers a uniquely comprehensive automation portfolio. By pairing B&R's innovative products, software and solutions for modern machine and factory automation with ABB’s world-class offering in robotics, process automation, digitalisation and electrification, we have expanded our position in industrial automation and are uniquely positioned to seize growth opportunities resulting from the fourth industrial revolution. Our shared commitment to open architecture will increase customer choice, flexibility and facilitate their connectivity in increasingly digitalised industries.

Q. Can you brief us on your plans for expansion?

Customers will continue to play a pivotal role in our growth and success. In order to provide them with a unique experience, we are proud to introduce a new platform: Experience Center. This platform will help users understand, witness and experience the use of advanced automation and innovative manufacturing technologies. It will help them to optimise their machines and factories and build a strategy for adopting these technologies in their own processes. In addition, we are expanding our Pune office space to match our projected growth. Globally, ABB is investing €100 million in Austria to build a state-of-the-art innovation and training campus at the B&R headquarters in Eggelsberg, laying the foundation for around 1,000 new high-tech jobs. I am sure this collaboration will further accelerate our speed of growth in India as well.

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