Robots are increasingly finding their way into modern machines for a variety of reasons. Therefore, it's important to allow easy integration of various robots into the machine, both hardware and software.

With Machine-Centric Robotics (MCR for short), B&R offers the possibility of directly integrating a wide range of robots with a single controller. Proposed servo amplifiers from B&R are connected directly to the robot's motors. This brings with it a multitude of advantages:

  • Only one engineering tool: Automation Studio
  • Synchronization with other machine tasks
  • Diagnosis and maintenance via a single interface

This training introduces the concept of MCR and the basics of robotics. It includes configuration in Automation Studio, steps and tools for commissioning and the basics of robotics programs and applications. A digital twin is created in Scene Viewer to provide support and visually check the movements.



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Basic technical training

Automation Studio training: Basics [SEM210.2]


Training: Integrated motion control: mapp Axis [SEM415.3]

3 days


Learning objectives and content

  • Introduction to the MCR concept
  • First project with a robot and simulation
  • Different types of movements
  • Creating and using ST robotics programs
  • Coordinate system and path planning
  • Interaction with tools
  • Machine application and synchronization to the control system
  • Work area
  • Putting a robot into operation
  • Diagnostic functions and the integrated help system

Responsibilities include

  • You create software used to execute robotics programs on a control system.
  • Integrating path-controlled robot movements in automation projects.
  • Putting robots into service and completing related diagnostic work.

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TM1115 - Basics of Machine-Centric Robotics

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