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Safety for compact stepper motors

The compact ACOPOSmicro Stepper drive is now available with Safe Torque Off (STO). Over time, this safety function will be added to all ACOPOSmicro drives.

B&R has integrated safe pulse disabling in ACOPOSmicro Stepper drives for shutting down safely and preventing unwanted startup. Safety ratings up to SIL2 / PLD / CAT 3 can be achieved depending on the wiring.

Stop function for Category 0

Safe pulse disabling interrupts the power being sent to the drive. Electrical torque can then no longer be generated, so the drive coasts to a stop. The requirements for preventing unexpected startup in accordance with EN 1037 as well as the requirements concerning Category 0 stop functions in accordance with EN 60204-1 are met. The requirements concerning the STO safety function in accordance with EN 61800-5-2 are also met.

  • Highlights
  • Safe Torque Off (STO)
  • SIL 2 / PLd / CAT 3
  • STO Enable input

New encoders for ACOPOSmicro

B&R is further expanding the ACOPOSmicro servo drive series. In the future, SinCos and 5 V ABR encoders will also be supported.

Both 1-axis and 2-axis devices are available for SinCos encoders. The ABR interface has been integrated in a 2-axis ACOPOSmicro module. This device is equipped with two ABR 5 V differential inputs.

The technical data for the servo drives correspond to the data for existing ACOPOSmicro models. A rated current of 8 A, a trigger input, a motor holding brake connection and an enable input are available for each axis.

  • Highlights
  • Support for SinCos encoders
  • Support for 5 V ABR encoders
  • 8 A nominal current

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