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New PCs

Compact performance

Equipped with Intel Atom processors, AutomationPC 2100 and Panel PC 2100 systems offerscaled processing power up to Core i3 performancelevels.

The Atom processors themselves are available in five designs, from single- and dual-core all the way to quad-core processors. This guarantees the perfect match between CPU power and any application. The integrated graphics engine also delivers performance above and beyond anything possible with Core2 Duo processors. Another supported feature is DirectX 11, which makes it possible to design even more demanding HMI software.


The PC architecture is designed as an extremely efficient "system on a chip" (SoC) solution. Because this technology does away with additional components such as the chipset, it is able to reduce heat dissipation to a minimum and eliminate the need for extensive cooling systems. The result? Compact PC systems that can be operated with no fans whatsoever over a wide temperature range.


_MG_2180 as Smart Object-1
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