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The B&R APROL process control system's DownloadManager now allows new software to be transferred to multiple controllers in parallel to minimize the amount of valuable time spent on maintenance and unplanned stoppages.

Larger automation projects can involve as many as several hundred controllers. To apply changes and updates to so many instances of the application software, you need an efficient tool. This tool must be able to reliably identify any new or modified software modules. If updating the software will interrupt operation in any way, this needs to be known before the download is started. APROL DownloadManager meets all of these requirements.

  • Highlights
  • Ensure redundancy
  • Perform updates quickly and easily
  • Preserve consistency

Ensure maximum consistency

In the latest version of DownloadManager, sequential single-module downloading has been replaced by transfer-module downloading. Cyclically processed software modules can now be installed either sequentially or in parallel. This ensures that changes to the application software (software modules) are applied with maximum consistency.

Download in parallel

The ability to download the control software simultaneously to as many controllers as possible can save valuable time during the engineering and commissioning phases. APROL provides a clear overview of the steps involved in each download (prepare transfer module, generate, download, install and use). This way, users can easily tell what is happening in the controllers at all times.

Testing new software

Depending on the IEC language used, new software can have a varying impact on controller resources. On redundant systems, it is possible to test a new software version on the inactive controller to avoid endangering the stability and availability of the system with an update.

Ensure redundancy

To ensure redundancy, controllers must continuously exchange redundancy-relevant data. Any changes to the application software must therefore be completely synchronized between the primary and secondary controller. At a glance, DownloadManager shows whether the software versions are the same and whether bumpless switchover is possible.

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