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Damage or contamination in machinery and equipment can be detected by using vibration measurement. The results are visualized in a new interactive 3D graphic to give plant operators and maintenance technicians optimal support.

Disturbance frequencies are identified using the fast Fourier transform (FFT) in the I/O module, and the results are displayed clearly in 3D diagrams. Displaying several measurement series simultaneously makes it easy to identify changes in measurement points at a glance.

Clear overview of fast Fourier transform (FFT)

The tooltip shows detailed X/Y values including timestamp. Clicking and dragging a rectangle zooms into the diagram – the 3D diagram replaces the previous waterfall diagram.

Display of harmonics

The display of harmonics helps to identify which frequency is causing a vibration. The first harmonic (fundamental frequency) is defined manually by selecting a peak; the others are identified and displayed automatically.

Marking and identifying sidebands

Marking sidebands helps to identify errors with specific frequencies. The user defines the baseband and the first sideband manually; the others are detected and displayed automatically. The amplitudes are displayed in a table as an absolute value and as a percentage of the baseband value.

Vælg venligst land og sprog

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