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Simple communication via OPC UA bus controller

B&R is expanding its X20 system to include support for the manufacturer-independent communication protocol OPC UA. The new X20 I/O system bus controller makes it possible to implement OPC UA communication directly from the sensor layer to the ERP layer without any interfaces whatsoever.

The X20BC008U bus controller functions as an OPC UA server and provides all information about connected I/O modules to OPC UA clients from any manufacturer. This includes, for example, controllers, SCADA systems, ERP systems or cloud applications.

  • Highlights
  • From the I/O layer directly to the cloud
  • Interface-free, vendor-independent communication
  • No additional tools required

Interfaces and gateways are no longer needed

Interfaces, gateways and the associated loss of information are a thing of the past. All production process data is transferred using a single protocol. The X20BC008U bus controller can be used with all controllers and I/O modules from the X20 and X67 product lines.

A standard Ethernet network infrastructure is sufficient for this communication, which is based on TCP/IP. An integrated Ethernet switch also enables daisy-chain cabling with other network components. The built-in NTP client ensures precise time synchronization so the standardized OPC UA timestamp can provide valuable additional information.

Easy configuration and diagnostics

Except for an OPC UA client, no additional tools are required. In addition to reading and writing process data, the OPC UA information model enables configuration and diagnostics of bus controller and I/O modules via OPC UA. The browse feature included in OPC UA makes it possible to quickly view an overview of existing data and parameters.

The new bus controller can also be added to a B&R system using the Automation Studio development environment, as with other modules. In addition, a library provides the application program access to all OPC UA services offered by the bus controller at runtime.

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