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B&R is incorporating integrated safety technology into its mapp Technology software framework. The safety functions are now also available via the uniform and easy-to-use mapp user interface. New functions also make creating safety applications much faster and easier.

  • Highlights
  • Faster safety programming
  • Easier creation of safety applications
  • Automatic data exchange

One of mapp's biggest advantages is automatically linking all software components. mapp Safety functions do not only exchange data with each other, they also automatically communicate with all other mapp components such as mapp User or mapp View web-based HMI.


A safety controller is configured and managed in a safeDOMAIN. In the sense of Scalability+, users can select a powerful safety controller from the SafeLOGIC family or a more cost-effective SafeLOGIC-X controller. Very large safety tasks can consist of several SafeDOMAINs that communicate with each other via SafeDOMAIN gateways.

Commissioning: Quick and out of the box


The safety application for a SafeDOMAIN is created in SafeDESIGNER. Certified functions used in combination with the visual editor allow virtual wiring. In addition, all device parameters for the SafeDOMAINs are managed here. This accelerates the development and commissioning process and prevents errors.

New functions in SafeDESIGNER


With SafeOPTION, B&R offers a predefined set of certified functions that can be used to map different machine variants in a safety application. This makes it possible to create robust, adaptive safety solutions that make it easy to manage different sets of machine options. SafeOPTION also allows safety settings be changed during operation. For example, limits values can be adjusted or another mode of operation can be selected.


B&R offers a full range of safety functions for drives. Your application and configuration are seamlessly integrated into the overall system.


If robots are to work hand-in-hand with humans, their movements must be safety-monitored. With SafeROBOTICS functions, B&R makes this possible.


Hydraulic drives have unique requirements in terms of safety technology. B&R has further developed the SafeMOTION portfolio so that hydraulic movements can be made safe just as easily and efficiently as electric axes.

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