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Hand in hand with the transport system
Human-robot collaboration is well on its way to eliminating safety cages. To enable the same level of interaction between humans and intelligent transport systems, B&R now introduces human-track collaboration. Hand in Hand mit dem Transportsystem


Krones: Drikkevareindustrien
 Fyldt op på bestilling

BELECTRIC: Photovoltaic systems
Sonne und Wind geschickt kombiniert

Hetwin: Agricultural automation
Der intelligente Kuhstall

Ellis: Industrial laundry systems
Den Waschzyklus am Laufen halten

Plastech Solutions: Factory automation
Das Smarte in die Smart Factory bringen

Technoshell Automations: Foil stamping
Einprägende Verpackungen


Skyd genvej med et hurtigt track-system
Intelligent transport systems pave the way for profitable batch size one production – especially when accompanied by intelligent system software. Skyd genvej med et hurtigt track-system

Maskinens øje
Cameras, image processing and innovative lighting are integral parts of the B&R control system, enabling automation engineers to implement many machine vision applications on their own. Das Auge der Maschine

A partner for automation
The cost of developing in-house automation solutions can be prohibitively high. For SMEs in particular, a technology partner with a comprehensive automation system is a perfect fit. Ein Partner für die Automatisierung

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