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WS9: ECAD Expert


There are numerous ECAD products available on the market for developing a machine's electrical plan. Unfortunately, it is still common practice for software engineers to have to manually transfer the elements of these plans relevant for control into the automation system. The all-too-familiar issue of corrections cropping up throughout commissioning is also a perennial source of frustration (as-built documentation).

Together with our partner EPLAN, we looked for a way to eliminate manual synchronization tasks in favor of a selective, bidirectional and, above all, automated approach to round-trip engineering.

This workshop will present the result of this collaboration: an efficient and seamless workflow between electrical and software development teams. Take this opportunity to find out how perfectly orchestrated cross-departmental engineering can optimize your company's development processes.




Mr. Berger, EPLAN

Mr. Pfaffeneder, EPLAN

B&R Team

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