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WS7: APROL Solutions


Process control systems are generally used to automate mid- to large-sized plants. Requirements for these applications may include recipe systems, alarm and message archiving with digital preservation, expert trend systems with integrated evaluation and analysis as well as complex solutions for logging and maintenance of quality assurance and production data records.

APROL users have been applying all of these features successfully in all types of plants for many years. Industry-specific applications are easy to implement without any previous knowledge of process control technology thanks to the powerful functionality encapsulated in out-of-the-box APROL Solution Packages.

  • The APROL Solutions workshop provides an introduction to the following packages:
  • ConMon – Condition monitoring and vibration measurement
  • EnMon – Energy data monitoring
  • APROL PDA – Acquisition of process or production data (e.g. for a single production hall or an entire plant)


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Mr. Kuhlmann, Rügenwalder Mühle

B&R Team

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