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B&R Hypervisor: Two operating systems on one device

Generate CAD data online

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Detailed and accurate CAD data is essential to the design of modern, high-performance machines. Our web-based configurator allows you to generate CAD data for hundreds of thousands of motors and gearboxes, which can then be used in all common CAD programs. The CAD configurator is constantly being expanded – so try it out today!!

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How do you prevent unwanted skew oscillation?

Cranes that transport payloads suspended from sling systems can be particularly sensitive to rotation about the vertical axis. If left unchecked, this can lead to uncontrollable sustained oscillations. The new mapp Crane solution successfully damps this effect.

What else can mapp Crane do?

Automation PC 910 now available with Intel XEON processor

The new microarchitecture provides a 50% increase in performance compared to the previous high-performance Core i processors. This level of performance allows effective handling of all applications that require fast analysis of large amounts of data.

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B&R introduces a hypervisor for its automation system

The hypervisor allows Windows or Linux to run alongside B&R's own real-time operating system. This enables you to combine the control and HMI applications on a single PC, for example, or have an industrial PC double as both a real-time controller and an edge controller.

How does this work?

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