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What's the reasoning behind B&R's focus on OPC UA?

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B&R has tightly integrated OPC UA into its automation products. In the B&R Automation Studio engineering environment, OPC UA devices can be configured with only a few clicks. As an active member of various OPC Foundation working groups, B&R has joined the effort to advance OPC UA development.

What products does B&R already offer with OPC UA? >> Click here for an overview

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Even more processing power for your application

With the addition of 6th-generation Core i processors to its Automation PC 910 portfolio, B&R now offers machinery and equipment builders even more processing power for their most demanding applications.

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User-friendly hardware configuration

Traditionally, a system's hardware configuration is set up and maintained in a tree structure, where each component must be selected and positioned manually. This approach is both time consuming and prone to errors. B&R has developed a solution that shows the hardware in a photorealistic software view – for which it received 1st place in the Industrial Usability Awards.

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Construction equipment: The new X20 system

With the modular X90 control platform, flexible automation concepts for mobile automation applications can be created from a standardized overall system. The heart of the X90 system is a controller with a powerful ARM processor and up to 48 multifunction I/O channels.

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