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Newsletter 06/2016

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Batch-size-one construction of series-produced machines sounds like a contradiction. With a modular design, however, OEMs are able to offer each customer a machine tailored precisely to their needs at a competitive price. Unfortunately, this approach has proven problematic when safety technology gets involved. Until now, that is. Franz Kaufleitner, product manager for integrated safety technology, introduces B&R's solution.

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3 steps to your safe machine

Safe machines must also be productive and competitive. That's why B&R enables smart safety responses that increase both the flexibility and the availability of your machinery and equipment. Learn how you can benefit from this intelligent safety technology.

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Why should I choose OPC UA?

When it comes to implementing IIoT and Industry 4.0 technology, OPC UA is considered to be the ideal communication protocol. In fact, it's hard to imagine the future of these solutions without it. But what's really behind all the hype?

We've summarized the most important points at a glance.

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Options management for machine software

Making changes to an existing machine is always a lot of work. OEMs typically have to reactivate the development process to modify the machine software. This costs time and money. B&R's mapp CodeBox allows you to program machine variants in ladder logic using modular software components.

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