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Combining hydraulics and motion control technology is one of the greatest challenges when manufacturing presses. Precise temperature control, the dimensions of the system and relevant safety regulations also have to be taken into consideration. These challenges can be managed easily and reliably with B&R products.

Additional advantages

  • Variable speed control
  • High-precision hydraulic control
  • Safe motion control

B&R has the perfect solution for...


Controlling hydraulic systems is an integral part of B&R's automation concept. Not only is it possible to do away with special hardware for controlling these hydraulic systems, a powerful hydraulics software library opens up all kinds of possibilities in this specific area.

• Position control

• Speed control

• Force control

• High-speed, dynamic switching between control loops

Hydraulic systems are controlled in parallel with the rest of the hardware. Not only does machinery benefit from higher performance and accuracy, costs are reduced while overall integration increases.

Condition monitoring

The ability to predict machine and system failures before they occur reduces costs and increases availability. This is why B&R offers many different possibilities for taking advantage of condition monitoring.

Condition monitoring modules from the X20 series can accurately determine cases where service work may be needed. In addition to being extremely easy to configure, they also handle vibration analysis themselves. This makes it possible to easily leverage the data from condition monitoring modules to efficiently optimize existing processes.

APROL ConMon – an out-of-the-box condition monitoring solution also offered by B&R – provides even more extensive possibilities. This system continually measures, records and analyzes all relevant data to provide the information needed for efficient condition-based maintenance. Sustainable improvements to machine and system availability are the end result. APROL ConMon is based on and can be seamlessly integrated into B&R's APROL process control system. It is also available as a standalone version.

Temperature control

An extensive temperature control library with function blocks, PID controllers and HMI templates is the ideal solution for wood drying systems.

The library supports:

• Autotuning

• Management of several different temperature zones

• Storage space for large amounts of data

The complete integration into the system goes without saying.

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