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In fall, we offer several preparation workshop dates.

A thesis project is one of the main hurdles before completing your education. It is especially important to be well-prepared. We offer all students who are working on a thesis project using B&R products a 2-day introductory workshop. Hardware will be provided to test the content that has been previously learned with the help of an experienced trainer. Alongside the workshop, preliminary project meetings are held with the school supervisors.

Prerequisites and requirements

Model number


  • Basic technical training
  • Education Support TutorialsTutorials and training documents are made available in the Education Support Portal. Login required: Sources of information and learning materials
  • Laptop with Automation Studio 4.3


2 days

Target group

Everyone who is preparing for a thesis project using B&R products.

A maximum of 2 people per project is allowed.

Objectives and content

  • Commissioning a B&R controller
  • Online connection and communication
  • Your prepared project presentationDon't forget to prepare your project presentation. Guidelines can be found here: Guidelines for creating a project presentation - Duration: 5 minutes each
  • Discussing project implementation
  • Selecting the necessary hardware together with the trainer
  • Creating and testing a visualization application
  • Starting up an axis
  • Questions and answers
  • Exchanging information with other project groups

Vælg venligst land og sprog

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