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Delta robot for testing touch screen panels - HTL Wels

Students: Simon Gruber, Andreas Kapfer, Mathias Sridharan

Advisor: Ralph Mitterhuber, Anton Helmberger

Educational center: HTBLA Wels - Mechatronics

Project name: TriPod

The idea for the project

How did the project come to be?

The "Tripod" project was created last year in cooperation with B&R and was taken over by us this year. The first version of the tripod was a simple pick-and-place robot that should now be used to test touch screen panels.


What is special about your project? What makes it challenging or difficult?

This project is distinctive because a robot with parallel kinematics and 3 drives is used instead of an articulated arm robot. The challenge is evaluating the measurement signals from the load cell and the touch screen panels being tested.

Possible solution

What is your proposed solution and how do you plan to implement it?

The pressure on the touch screen panel being tested is limited by a spring or by the motor torque. The tripod is, however, also equipped with a mechanical limit switch to prevent destruction of the touch screen panels in the event of a load cell measurement error.

Hardware used

Which B&R hardware is being used?

  • 3 servo drives: ACOPOS 1016 8v1016.50-2
  • 1 power supply: B&R Power Supply PS 1100 0PS1100.1
  • 1 PLC: B&R X20CP1584

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