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TM610 – Working with Integrated Visualization

Visual Components is a powerful yet versatile tool within Automation Studio for designing dynamic HMI applications that allow operators to clearly and intuitively view even the most complex real-life industrial processes in graphic form. A visual editor and rich selection of pre-designed controls open up virtually unlimited design possibilities.

Objectives and content

  • Introduction to Visual Components
  • Creating an initial visualization application
  • Working with the Visual Components editor
  • Workspace, visualization structure and help system
  • Creating your own visualization application
  • Managing variables and data points
  • The layering method when designing pages
  • Displaying and entering process values
  • Creating static and dynamic text
  • Language and unit switching
  • Touch and keypad operation
  • Using graphic objects
  • Name
    Model number
    (TM) book_blue_open
    TM610 – Working with Integrated Visualization
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