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2014.05 Special Edition - Change Packaging


Modular machines gaining momentum
The ACOPOSmotor from B&R is the only motor-mounted servo drive on the market that doesn't require derating and can handle an entire machine module on its own. More...

A turn for the better
POWERLINK is particularly immune to the interference typically encountered transferring large amounts of data via slip rings. More...


Do you speak PackML?
The PackML standard defines a uniform language for packaging machines. More...

Pushing packaging to new levels
B&R's approach to integrated automation fulfills all the requirements of the packaging industry. More...


Far greater than the sum of its parts
Mediseal builds custom packaging machines without unnecessary redevelopment. More...

Speed baking with POWERLINK
Fully automated De La Ballina baking line processes 18,000 baguettes per hour. More...

Salad made simple
Pro Pack Systems takes a unique robotics approach with RoboLoader, made possible by B&R's fully scalable portfolio. More...

Modular efficiency – Integrated performance
For a decade now, GEA Food Solutions has been building exceptionally efficient machines with minimal development overhead. More...

Modularity: The lead time killer
Virtually zero time is spent on programming during construction and commissioning of a Seidenader CS-series inspection machine. More...


New generation of robotic hand
Poitiers University has developed a new robotic hand perform complex human-like movements. More...

Real solutions in action
Automation up close: 1,000 bottles per minute and other records. More...

AM 2014.05_Interpack
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