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XV System

XV Ventilinselanschaltungen

Space-saving peripheral connections

The direct connection of pneumatic valves from different manufacturers opens up the possibility of using components perfectly tailored to the application at hand.


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Produktové čísloPopisPorovnání produktů ...

Direct fieldbus connection on the valve

XV valve connections allow the integration of pneumatic valves from most well-known manufacturers directly in the automation system. Up to 24 digital outputs – for up to 24 valves – are located in a compact housing.

Additional information

For all pneumatic valves

These valves also use the 25-pin multi-pin socket used by all leading manufacturers. Valve manifolds from Bürkert, Festo, Rexroth, Norgren, SMC, and many other manufacturers can be added to an already networked environment without any problems and with minimal effort needed for configuration.

High integration

This compact solution provides users considerable potential for savings. The reduced wiring needed for a large number of valves cuts back on the amount of effort required for project setup and maintenance. The different numbers of channels on the various valve manifold connections permit cost-effective, tailored adaptation to all valve types.

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