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Two years ago, B&R radically simplified the development of machine software with the introduction of mapp Technology. These precoded and thoroughly tested modular software components have since been making life easier for OEMs by taking low-level programming tasks for basic functions off their hands. Encouraged by outstanding market acceptance in this short time, B&R has continued to expand its software framework – offering customers even greater savings while at the same time improving the quality of the resulting software.

Higher software quality with ready-made components

mapp components provide precoded functions that developers can quickly configure in a simple user interface. In addition to basic functionality like recipes and user management, mapp will now be offering complex control algorithms, hydraulic applications, safety functions and more.

More robust software quality

Each mapp component is subjected to rigorous multi-stage testing, both individually and in combination with other components. This in turn improves the quality of application software they are used to create. B&R has also harmonized the version and release data for all of its software, making it easier for machinery and equipment builders to plan when specific functions will be available. Users no longer need to be concerned with dependencies between software versions.

B&R has also harmonized the content of its software blocks to ensure uniform access to all technologies. Whether it's alarm handling, axis control or a complex hydraulics control loop – the uniform interface places every mapp function no more than a few clicks away.

How mapp works

Each mapp component is a self-contained unit that can be freely combined with any IEC 61131 programming language, C and C++. Multiple mapp components in a client/server network are linked automatically by mapp Links, which coordinate all necessary data exchange without requiring a single new line of code. As a result, the user can dedicate considerably fewer resources to programming and software maintenance.

mapp components are available for the following areas:

mapp View: 
web-based HMI

mapp Services:
including user management, audit trail and recipe management

mapp Motion:
axis movements, CNC, robotics

mapp Control:
closed-loop control functions

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