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Flexible topologies with SDL3

SDL3 converter for Automation PCs

Smart Display Link 3 (SDL3) offers even more advantages when used together with an external converter. For example, SDL3 can be used to connect Automation Panels to all Automation PC 910, Automation PC 620 and Automation PC 810 systems as well as to all Panel PCs. Upgrading systems to SDL3 in the course of retrofitting or modifications is extremely easy.

The data for all of the Automation Panel's operating and display elements, such as keys and LEDs, are also transmitted via SDL3. The integrated SDL3 interface makes it possible to connect two Automation Panels to an Automation PC 910 in dual independent display mode.

Flexible use with all product series

The modular design of Automation Panels provides the necessary flexibility for SDL and SDL3 to be used with all product generations. SDL3 can even be used with existing swing arm systems and customer-specific models.

Automation PC 910 with optional integrated Smart Display Link 3 transmitter

  • Connected via SDL3 to the Automation Panel (single-touch and multi-touch)

Automation PC with external SDL3 converter

  • Connected via SDL3 to the Automation Panel (single-touch and multi-touch)

Automation PC 910 with integrated Smart Display Link 3 and external SDL3 converter

  • Connected via SDL3 to two Automation Panel displays (single-touch and multi-touch)
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