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Maximum reliability

Automation PCs are designed and built for continuous operation in harsh industrial environments over the course of many years. They are encased in a robust welded housing that shields the electronics from the external environment and easily endures even the roughest handling. A heavy-duty industrial coating protects the housing against aggressive conditions and keeps the Automation PC 910 looking new, even after years of use. The circuit boards are connected using screw-in connectors, with extra resistance to vibration and shock provided by the elimination of all internal cable connections.

The Automation PC 910 was developed with a special focus on providing fan-free operation over a broad range of performance levels. Replacing hard disks with solid state drives results in a PC with no rotating parts at all. Maintenance tasks such as regularly changing out fan filters have been completely eliminated. All components have been selected with maximum reliability in mind. These components have been designed specifically for use in industrial environments, can withstand high ambient temperatures and have guaranteed long-term availability.

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