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“There is so much more to safety than simply shutting down the machine”
B&R product manager Franz Kaufleitner explains how his company went from newcomer to trendsetter in the safety industry.


Pariani und Hilscher: Fieldbus & Networks
Luxus kombiniert mit Ergonomie und Eleganz

WSTECH: Power grid technology
Richtig Umrichtern

Roboterintegration 4.0

WaterStop: Thesis project
WaterStop - HTBLA Braunau am Inn


Flexibility meets cost efficiency
An intelligent transport system makes mass customization profitable.

As mobile machinery grows increasingly automated, manufacturers must address the topic of safety technology. Reliable technology partners can help them minimize the cost of developing the necessary solutions.

Cybersecurity for controllers
Transferring data from the machine controller to the cloud requires a connection to the Internet. Machines with cloud connectivity therefore need special protection.

Many machines require a second operating system in addition to the real-time operating system. Zwei Betriebssysteme auf einem Gerät

A unified network for automotive production
Automotive production is regarded as a pioneer of highly automated processes, but what's missing is standardized real-time communication between them. That is exactly what OPC UA TSN is now set to change.

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