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Innovation Days 2015 program

Smart automation technology was presented at B&R Germany's first Innovation Days in Bad Homburg. At the customers and prospects conference, we focus on presenting automation solutions, current product information and field reports. The program is geared toward interactive workshops, in which experts and participants explore the depths of current topics relating to automation technology and Industry 4.0.

The following topics and content are discussed in the workshop:

  • B&R mapp technologies: Software engineering, fast and secure
  • Software Engineering 4.0: Structuring, modeling and simulation
  • Modular and flexible safety technology for the smart factory
  • APROL for factory automation
  • APROL 4.0 Product innovations and solutions

You can find a detailed program of the Innovation Days 2015 here: Program


Guest lectures and customer applications

The Innovation Days program allows participants to think outside the box. Lectures and presentations by guest speakers from various disciplines and mechanical and plant engineering companies provide insights into current and future trends in automation. Here is an excerpt of the topics:

  • Industry 4.0 in practice
  • Functional safety in practice
  • Automated software tests and quality monitoring
  • Usability in the form of Industry 4.0

Information on the program and agenda:


Exchange experiences while networking in the research and nature institute of the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt

What better way to introduce Industry 4.0 than to compare the evolution of nature to that of technology. We invite all of our Innovation Day guests to attend the evening event at the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt. As one of the largest natural history museums in Germany, it provides participants with insight on the diversity of life and how the evolution of our planet has shaped itself over the course of millions of years. The evolution that took place in the unique atmosphere right before our eyes fired up conversations about the progress in automation technology and industry 4.0. Talk with participants, experts and B&R employees about technology and trends.

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