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2014 B&R User Meeting in Austria

May 20-21, 2014

Industry 4.0, real-time applications with microsecond responsiveness and modular panel PCs – these were just some of the many topics explored at the 2014 B&R User Meeting. On May 20-21 at the Wyndham Grand Salzburg Conference Center, B&R product information was presented ad-free – straight from the development teams themselves. Participants got to hear application reports from B&R users and had the opportunity to speak with a wide variety of industry experts.

For representatives from industrial automation and process control



This two-day event offered by B&R was rich with informative talks and workshops and geared towards anyone interested in machine, plant and factory automation or process control technology. Specialists from B&R, industry experts and B&R customers were on hand to discuss current trends in industrial automation, including increasing machine scalability, advanced maintenance strategies, the current market situation of real-time Ethernet and M2M communication technologies. The latest version of B&R's APROL process control system – Release 4.0 – was also introduced. Due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback following last year's event, Expert Workshops were also once again offered on a wide range of topics. Qualified personnel were also available at the informative on-site company exhibition for consultation during breaks – the perfect opportunity to check out B&R's wide range of hardware and software tools firsthand.

Anton Meindl (B&R AT)
Richard Palmetzhofer (Telekom Austria)
Maurizio Tarozzi (B&R IT)
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