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SEM841.5 APROL Process Control Training Basic 1

    • Model number:
    • SEM841.5

    • Description:
    • B&R's innovative APROL process control system can help you maximize your system's efficiency. The solution's extreme scalability allows you to meet the requirements of plants and machinery of any size – regardless of whether they have just a few or hundreds of thousands of I/O points. This training offers a global overview of the functionality implemented in APROL devices with intensive exercises designed to add depth to the presented material.

      • Structure of the APROL process control system
      • APROL systems (Operator, Runtime, Engineering) and controllers
      • Organization and content of the standard APROL libraries
      • User management for organized project engineering
      • Using operator management for operator stations
      • Creating a new project (hardware, application software, HMI application)
      • Features of the APROL web portal (system diagnostics, reporting, etc.)
      • Functions that support validation (version management, Audit Trail, change control, etc.)
      • Configuring APROL systems and using the standard libraries, PAL (Process Automation Library) in particular
      • Introduction to APROL Solutions (configurator)
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