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ETA280.0102-100 – Condition monitoring for vibration measurement

Depending on the application, the recorded data can be used for process optimization. The availability and productivity of the machine will increase as a result. This ETA system, used together with 0ACS100A. 00-1 and 0ACS100A. 90-1 acceleration sensors, allows all X20CM4810 module operating modes to be tried and tested in realistic situations.

Content of delivery and sample configurations

  • ETA280.0102-100_ANW_vorne
  • ETA280.0102-100 von rechts
  • ETA280_back
  • ETA280_left
  • ETA280_periodic_tool
  • ETA280_unbalanced_load

The following list briefly describes the applications that can be simulated and measured using this ETA system.

  • Areas of application and features:
  • Detecting bearing damage
  • A faulty bearing was purposely installed in the ETA system. This allows the detection of a faulty bearing to be carried out.

  • Detecting periodic impacts
  • A small metal plate can be adjusted so that it causes periodic impacts on the load.

  • Detecting an imbalance
  • Different weights can be attached to the load to simulate an imbalance.

  • Detecting misalignment of the motor shaft
  • The user can press down on the motor to simulate a misalignment of the motor shaft.

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