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Three X20 controllers are used to operate this ETA system. They can be operated either separately or in a redundant system.

In addition, products from integrated safety technology such as the SafeLOGIC controller and safe I/O are included. The structure has remote nodes so that actuators and sensors can be used. This communicates with the X20 controllers via POWERLINK.

A B&R Automation PC is available so that APROL Engineering, Runtime and Operator Station can be implemented. This Station is connected to the controllers via Ethernet and is made possible with the aid of an X20 hub system.

This ETA system is specially designed in line with the requirements of the so-called "APROL demo project". With its help, many different process control applications can be controlled and simulated.

Content of delivery and sample configurations

  • Areas of application and features
  • Remote I/O channels connected via a POWERLINK bus coupler
  • Possibility for controller-controller coupling
  • Controller redundancy
  • Expansion options using PROFIBUS DP and Modbus TCP interface modules
  • Possibility for simulation using 4SIM.10-01
  • Integrated safety technology
  • Connecting intelligent sensors and actuators via a HART module
  • Condition monitoring through integrated vibration measurement module
  • It can be used universally with APROL and Automation Studio development tools.

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