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ETA830.0106-100 – Process control

This ETA system includes two X20 controllers. The remote I/O channels connected via POWERLINK can be controlled using the B&R simulation panel. The Automation PC in this system is used as an APROL Engineering, Runtime and Operator station and is connected to the two X20 controllers via an X20 hub system. This ETA system allows a wide range of process control technology applications to be simulated and controlled.

Content of delivery and sample configurations

  • ETA830.106-100_front
  • ETA830.0106-100_front_left
  • ETA830.0106-100_left
  • ETA830.0106-100_back
  • ETA830.106-100_right
  • ETA830.106-100_ANW_front
  • ETA830.0106-100_ANW_front_left
  • ETA830.0106-100_ANW_links
  • ETA830.106-100_ANW_back
  • ETA830.106-100_ANW_rechts
  • ETA830.106-100_ANW_front_top
  • Areas of application and features:
  • Remote I/O channels connected via a POWERLINK bus coupler
  • Simulation of a temperature control system
  • Controller-controller coupling
  • Expansion options using PROFIBUS DP and Modbus TCP interface modules
  • Integrated HART module for connecting intelligent sensors
  • Expandability and complexity
  • It is possible to combine multiple ETA systems to create larger process control technology applications using the integrated X20 Ethernet hub.

  • It can be used universally with APROL and Automation Studio development tools.
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