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ETA transport case

ETA transport case

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  • ETA100_A-100_front_left
  • ETA100_A-100_konfig_front_left
  • ETA100_A-100_konfig_parts_top_front
  • ETA100_A-100_parts_01
  • ETA100_A-100_parts_02

ETA transport case

This transport case has been developed for transporting ETA systems. The pull-out handle enables you In order to open the transport case, the four butterfly locks have to be opened.

The purpose of this transport case is to safely and comfortably transport ETAs. The two built-in wheels are fixed in place... In order to make pulling along the case as easily as possible, the pull-out handle can be set to three different degrees. The lid is secured using four robust butterfly locks. In addition to the locks, the handles on both sides are recessed in the lid which keeps the sides flush. There is corner protection on each corner. There are two protective strips in order to protect the case even when going up the stairs.

The holding capacity of the transport case is an ETA with the dimensions (LxWxH): 390 mm x 390 mm x 390 mm

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