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B&R simulation

This simulation model can be used to add real hard-wired input and output options to a control system in the lab or at the training facility.

Contents of delivery and application example

  • 4SIM
  • ETA210.0100-100_ANW_X20 Seite
  • Features and functions:
  • 8 LEDs for displaying digital outputs
  • 8 toggle switches with status LEDs
  • 2 potentiometers - 0-10 V output voltage
  • 1 rotary pulse encoder – 24 V ABR signal
  • 1 temperature control system - can be controlled via digital output (PWM) or 0-10 V analog signal (heating and cooling individually)
  • 1 temperature control system feedback variable for temperature measurement - PT1000
  • 24 V supply voltage
  • All connectors are included with delivery.
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