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Automation Studio 3.0.90 nebo vyšší nainstalováno na notebooku uživatele

DokončeníZrychlené základy řízení a vizualizace

Dovednost v textovém programovacím jazyce





  • You’ll be able to use text-based program editors in Automation Studio. Structured Text will be the language of choice for the intermediate courses, but the instructor can provide pointers for ANSI C.
  • You’ll be able to set up and optimize arrays, structures, and enumeration in Automation Studio.
  • You’ll be able to initialize, copy, and compare arrays and structures using the memory management library.
  • You’ll be able to create user libraries in a programming language-independent fashion.
  • You’ll be able to program simple temperature feedback control and implement high-speed software-based PWM output.
  • You’ll be able to utilize advanced Automation Runtime features, such as system timer optimization, data synchronization, and web service management.
  • You’ll be able to use template- and style sheet-based visualization design.
  • You’ll be able to display custom alarms and detect alarm acknowledgement.
  • You’ll be able to read the alarm history using programming code.
  • You’ll be able to log data to text files both onto the CF card and across the LAN.
  • You’ll be able to share CPU data using an OPC server.
  • You’ll be able to create context-sensitive text and image display and dynamic input control.
  • You’ll be able to monitor the touch screen input to control calibration progress and cursor movement in data trending.
  • You’ll be able to display animated graphics to indicate progress.
  • You’ll be able to display application status in System Diagnostic Manager and link the status display to custom web pages.

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