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TM860 – APROL Library Engineering

Bernecker & Rainer provides libraries with the APROL system which can be used at any time, expanded and maintained as required. However, it cannot be guaranteed that all the project-specific functions from a software design specification are implemented in these libraries. Very often, these are very specific requirements.

Special requirements can be implemented with individual libraries. In this library, the additional logic and display functions required are mostly implemented via hyper macros.

In the module TM860, it is explained how configuring your own libraries works. In addition, this module also demonstrates how to fall back on the functionalities which are offered by Automation Studio libraries.

Objectives and content

  • Library Engineering: Basics
  • Creating functions and function blocks
  • Creation of Graphic Blocks
  • Creating hyper macros
  • UCB [unit control block] engineering
  • Integrating an Automation Studio (AS) library in APROL
  • Description
    Model number
    (TM) book_blue_open
    TM860 – APROL Library Engineering
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