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TM1111 – CNC Technology: mapp CNC

CNC technology expands the B&R drive solution with functionalities that enable multiple axes to be combined into groups and path-controlled movements to be executed.
Path-controlled movements are the basis for precise and complex workpiece manufacturing. In addition to a very wide range of interpolation methods, many technology functions are also supported.

The use of PLCopen-compliant mapp Motion components allows CNC technology to be seamlessly integrated into the machine application.

Learning objectives and contents

  • CNC terminology
  • Overview of how an axis group works
  • CNC configuration in Automation Studio
  • CNC machine commissioning and diagnostics
  • Application programming with PLCopen-compliant mapp Motion components
  • CNC technology
  • Basic principles of path-controlled movements
  • Creating CNC programs
  • Communication between a CNC program and the controller
  • Name
    Model number
    (TM) book_blue_open
    TM1111 – CNC Technology: mapp CNC
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