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The perfect solution for all machine sizes

Woodworking machines big and small require an optimal hardware solution in order to ensure an efficient configuration. Supported by the unique Automation Studio software package for PLC, HMI, motion, CNC and communication tasks, the extensive product range from B&R provides the flexibility to develop machines with optimized hardware in no time flat, resulting in substantial reductions in total cost.


100% integration of motion, CNC and robotics

Generic Motion Control (GMC) is a software product from B&R that integrates standard CNC, motion control and robotics functionality in a uniquely versatile control system. With it, the user is provided with an intelligent and efficient solution for a large number of applications. For example, it's possible to connect a moving CNC head (CNC station) to equipment used for transport. In this case, the CNC station moves in time with the transport equipment. The CNC program then continues to run while items are being transported – an efficient and intelligent solution that results in increased productivity.

iStock - Emergency Stop

Integrated safety technology

openSAFETY is a modularly structured integrated safety communication technology. With extremely short cycle times, it ensures the fastest safety circuit response times. It replaces traditional safety wiring with intelligent electronics that allow coordinated safety reactions to ensure extremely reliable and efficient production processes.


Lasting value

A more predictable development process guarantees the lasting value of your system. At the same time, configurable, preprogrammed functions for a wide range of machine processes reduce the time and cost spent on engineering. Individual customer requests can be implemented using software libraries that meet international standards as well as custom function blocks that encapsulate the customer's technological expertise. Scalable and interoperable hardware provides a solid foundation for reusability.

Uhr 24-7

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

For a woodworking machine in a harsh 24/7 production process, a minimum amount of downtime is just as decisive as smooth running in automatic mode. Intuitive diagnostic functions, open interfaces, worldwide availability of automation components, and a reliable international partner are all combined to provide optimal support.


The line solution

Just like in sports, the effectiveness of an integrated production line depends on the combined and coordinated effort of every team member. As a solution provider, B&R has the technology to optimize your entire system from start to finish. Real-time industrial Ethernet serves as the foundation for synchronized interactions between individual sub-processes.

iStock - Total Cost of Ownership

Total cost of ownership

In a competitive market, the total cost of a system becomes an increasingly influential factor in the decision-making process. B&R guarantees its customers substantial reductions in overall costs through increased system availability, optimized machine performance, uniform HMI operation, streamlined modular design, system-wide compatibility and a reliable worldwide support network. This is a partnership that pays off.


Open and flexible architecture

B&R systems are open for standard communication interfaces, both at the machine and ERP level. The same controller software can be used in a wide variety of devices; the only things that need to be configured are the communication medium itself and the protocol. Dynamic I/O configurations allow the same software to be used for different hardware topologies. The result is a cost-effective and highly flexible solution.

Stripping machinery
01 Schälmaschine
  • Laser detection of trunk cross-section
  • Calculation of the stripping area
  • Synchronization of the blade to the trunk's movement
  • Servo drive with integrated I/O for fast response times
  • Field I/O with distances up to 100 m between modules
  • Mobile Panel operation
02 Zuschneiden
  • Cost-effective
  • Compact automation
  • Highly flexible production
03 Trocknen
  • Evaluation of a wide variety of measurement data to optimize the drying process
  • Energy-optimized regulation of temperature and dampness
  • Compact hardware solution
  • Quick implementation of complex mathematic models with direct connection between MATLAB/Simulink and B&R Automation Studio
  • High CPU performance for calculating mathematical models
  • No memory limits
04 Pressen
  • Temperature control in the lamination process
  • Speed control depending on the material and pressure used for laminating the materials
05 Fräsen
  • Tool selection via open communication with POWERLINK
  • Open fieldbuses for optimal cabling
  • Remote I/O with IP20 and IP67 protection
  • Optimized cabling
  • Online calculation
06 Anleimen
  • CAM and CNC connection for rounded profiles
  • Electronic gears
  • Flying saws
  • Custom profiles
  • Trigger functions

07 Zapfenfräsen
  • Open Ethernet communication
  • Efficient data exchange
  • Line monitoring with an integrated solution
  • I/O management with 1 μs jitter
  • Standard networking for machine lines
08 Bohren
  • Numeric control
  • Simultaneous control of different drills
  • Dynamic axis coupling
  • Online position control
  • Additional sensors replaced by drive
CNC processing
09 CNC Bearbeitung
  • 16 simultaneous CNC channels
  • 15 axes for each CNC channel
  • Dynamic axis coupling/decoupling to and from the channels
  • Up to 100 axes or spindles
  • Custom PLC/CNC functions
  • Tool table with up to 499 entries
  • Configurable interpreter for the highest level of integration between the CNC and the controller as well as for user-defined functions in ISO code
  • Open platform for heterogeneous drive systems: servo motors, stepper motors, hydraulic axes, direct drives
  • Integrated software for fine, dynamic and high-precision hydraulic control
10 Lackieren
  • Mobile Panel control
  • Open architecture with POWERLINK
  • CNC or setpoint generation (trajectory planning)
  • Direct drives for injection robots
11 Schleifen
  • POWERLINK: Industrial, real-time, deterministic
  • Jitter-free synchronization between inputs, outputs and conveyor belts
  • Flexible hardware and software configuration
  • Scalable solutions
12 Palettieren
  • Increased productivity with linear motors
  • PLCopen motion control
  • Various kinematics
  • Different kinematics
  • Workspace monitoring
  • Cost reductions by enhancing three motors with one drive