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Generic Motion Control - 100% integration of motion control, CNC and robotics

ARNC0, the soft motion solution from B&R, integrates standard motion control, CNC and robotics functions in a unique control system. With it, the user is provided with an intelligent and efficient solution for a large number of applications. For example, it's possible to connect a moving CNC head (CNC station) to a robot. In this case, the CNC station moves in time with the transport equipment. The CNC program runs continuously while items are being transported. This efficient and intelligent technology results in increased productivity.


Increased machine efficiency

The ACOPOSmulti drive family, developed especially for multi-axis operation, brings together a whole range of advantages for metal machine manufacturing. In particular, the devices can be equipped with various cooling systems, which means that they can be cooled optimally no matter how or where they are installed – even in the toughest environments. Because the servo drives are extremely compact, they can be installed in smaller control cabinets.


The line solution

Just like in team sports, integrated production lines with highly automated production flow rely on a complete effort. As a solution provider, B&R offers the technology to optimize the digital workflow. Connection to ERP and QA systems can be easily achieved here. Real-time industrial Ethernet is the foundation for synchronized interactions between individual production processes.

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Integrated safety technology

openSAFETY is a safety concept that replaces traditional safety wiring with intelligent electronics. The fastest safety circuit response times, combined with the highest flexibility in automation architecture design, make compact machine and line constructions possible with the highest level of safety in SIL 3 / CAT 4 / PLe.

Uhr 24-7

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

For a metal processing machines in a harsh 24/7 production process, the highest level of availability is required. Intuitive diagnostic functions, open interfaces, worldwide availability of automation components and a reliable international partner are all combined to provide optimal support. These factors ensure unobstructed production without unnecessary downtime.

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Open system architecture

B&R systems are open for standard communication interfaces, both at the machine and the ERP level. The same controller software can be used in a wide variety of devices; the only things that needs to be configured are the communication medium itself and the protocol. Dynamic I/O configurations allow the same software to be used for different hardware topologies. The result is a cost-efficient and highly flexible solution.

iStock - Total Cost of Ownership

Total cost of ownership

In a competitive market, system decisions are increasingly being made based on total cost. An exceptional level of system availability, excellent machine performance, uniform operation, easy-to-use modular devices, compatibility throughout the entire system, and an effective worldwide support network guarantee a substantial reduction in total cost. With B&R, you gain a partnership that pays off.

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Stability and investment security

Through careful analysis and selection of all components used, B&R ensures that all products meet the highest technical standards for quality, reliability, and long-term availability. A calculable development process guarantees the lasting value of machines and systems. Configurable, predefined functions for different machine processes reduce the software development costs. Once tested, software components can be reused without modifications, even with different controller generations.

Have you seen this yet?

  • Precise temperature control
  • Connection to ERP and QA systems
  • Integration in process control systems
  • Fast data processing
  • Fast pressure sampling / switch-over
  • Precise temperature control of the melt
  • Robot interface
  • Closed loop hydraulic drive control integrated
  • Direct drive technology for electric axes
  • Accurate thickness control
  • Speed and torque control
  • Connection to process control systems
  • Integration of upstream and downstream equipment
  • Modular multi-channel and multi-axes CNC
  • Flexible axis synchronization
  • 3-D processing with 5-axis functions
  • High-speed processing
  • Open interfaces e.g. for CAD/CAM connections
  • Standard lathes
  • Sliding head lathes
  • Synchronization with/between virtual electronic cam profiles
  • Free assignment of axes to channels during processing
  • Tool length compensation
  • Rotation and shifting of the coordinate system
  • Scalable hardware and software for various types of drilling machines
  • Surface grinding
  • Centerless grinding
  • Internal/external diameter grinding
  • Tool grinding
  • Highly accurate drive technology
  • Adaptive processes because of fast response times
Polishing & deburring
  • Robotic tool manipulation for any type of kinematics
  • Flexible and powerful tools for HMI applications
  • Free assignment of axes to channels during processing
Eroding (EDM)
  • Die-sinking EDM
  • Wire EDM
  • Unlimited reverse movements along the contour
  • Highly accurate drive technology
  • Precise temperature control of the dielectric fluid
  • Precise pressure and position control
  • Fully integrated electric and hydraulic axes
  • Direct drive technology
  • High processing power
  • Ultra fast I/O reactions
  • Hydraulic axes integrated in the CNC
  • Tangential axes for graving tool control
  • Highly dynamic axes (electric and hydraulic)
  • Laser, plasma, water jet
  • Smooth movement along the contour and at block transitions
  • Unlimited reverse movements along the contour
  • Automatic height control
  • Powerful graphic simulation
Welding & soldering
  • Highly precise positioning and distance control
  • Robotics integration
  • Open interfaces for upstream and downstream equipment
Hydraulic control
  • Hydraulic-specific control algorithms fully integrated in machine control
  • Flexible and scalable hardware architecture
  • Freely programmable controller structures
  • High level of precision, dynamics and synchronization
  • Completely open CNC system
  • Execution of 2500 blocks per second
  • 400 µs CNC cycle time
  • 100 axes (electric, hydraulic, etc.)
  • 5-axis processing
  • Integrated safety technology
  • Anthropomorphic robots
  • SCARA robots
  • 5-axis CNC transformation
  • Open kinematic interface
  • Programmable via DIN 66025