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Automation Panel 900 multi-touch

Multitouch Panels

Multi-touch panels - Optimal usability

Multi-touch panels open up new dimensions for innovative HMI design. There are numerous gestures that might be used in an application: zooming in and out and rotating objects with two fingers, scrolling through lists and switching to the next screen with a quick swipe. The main advantage of multi-touch technology is how it makes operation more intuitive. It also provides an effective method of preventing operating errors, simply by requiring two-hand gestures for critical or potentially dangerous operations.


  • Components and Modules

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Versatile panel technology

The second generation of Automation Panels also serves as the technological basis for B&R's Panel PC devices. This modular platform strategy results in a product portfolio with extraordinary flexibility.

The core component is the panel itself, which is transformed into an Automation Panel by adding a modular SDL/DVI receiver. Alternatively, using SDL3 opens up additional possibilities for spanning longer distances and even easier cabling. Adding the PC unit turns the same panel into a full-fledged Panel PC with scalable processing performance. Using the same front-side platform reduces the amount of warehouse space required for replacement parts. Custom variants using Automation Panels and Panel PCs require only a single base unit.


  • Projected capacitive multi-touch screen
  • Widescreen formats from 7" WVGA to 24" Full HD
  • Connections for DVI, SDL and SDL3
  • Slim design
  • Flexible mounting
  • Gloved operation possible
  • Anti-glare surface

Uniform system platform

Dividing the system into a panel, an SDL/SDL3 receiver and a Panel PC brings considerable benefits in the field. A damaged display can be replaced quickly, for example, without having to exchange the entire Panel PC. In this way, B&R has created a uniform internal interface that establishes a flexible system platform for all future PC architectures.


With an SDL/DVI receiver, the Automation Panel offers flexible connections for remote display units. For the many panels in the field, the Automation PC 910 is equipped with the proven SDL interface, which can also be operated as a standard DVI interface. SDL makes connecting PCs and displays as simple as hooking up as single cable.

Additional information

Smart Display Link supplies the display unit not only with image data, but also with all the data it needs to operate the touch screen, LEDs, keys and remote USB interface. It even allows up to four panels to be operated per line. This makes it possible to distribute operator stations as needed around expansive machines and systems. Software locking prevents operations on connected panels from interfering with one another.


Touch panels have been used for many years to provide a way for operators to control systems and machines. Many devices previously operated using buttons and keys have since been replaced by more versatile touch screens.

The advantages are clear: Whereas function keys must be relabeled with slide-in labels when they are reassigned, this is possible on touch screen displays with simple software settings. At the same time, HMI applications have developed over the years to provide much more logical and intuitive operation. This not only makes interaction much faster, it also helps avoid operating errors by facilitating a clear arrangement of buttons and providing much more detailed information.

Lots of room for information

With display sizes up to 24", widescreen systems can handle all of the demands of today's HMI in industrial environments. With the expanded width and generally higher resolution, it is possible to include even more information on each screen – an enormous advantage for user ergonomics and error-free, intuitive operation of the machine or system.

Multitouch Geste Hand

Multi-touch technology

  • New dimensions when designing innovative user interactions
  • Much more intuitive operator guidance
  • Zoom function to aid commissioning and service personnel
  • Avoidance of false tripping with two-hand operation
  • Reduction of operator levels
  • Improved ergonomics
    Display size
    800 x 480
    1280 x 800
    1366 x 768
    1366 x 768
    1920 x 1080
    1920 x 1080
    Touch screen
    Projected capacitive
    Projected capacitive
    Projected capacitive
    Projected capacitive
    Projected capacitive
    Projected capacitive
    Power supply
    24 VDC
    24 VDC
    24 VDC
    24 VDC
    24 VDC
    24 VDC