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System 2003


Compact controllers, remote I/O

The B&R System 2003 can be used to handle applications ranging from remote I/O systems to powerful PLCs. Shorter response times and problem-free system expansion using a fieldbus distinguish this compact system. The modular system design and versatile screw-in modules allow a connection to be made to nearly any sensor and actuator.

The B&R System 2003 can be used as an all-purpose controller as well as a remote I/O system for expansion of industrial PCs and controllers from all B&R systems. Distributed controller systems can also be implemented. Many different interfaces for fieldbus systems and networks guarantee trouble-free communication.



I/O modules

For the System 2003, B&R offers a large number of I/O modules in various designs. Analog values, digital signals, timers and counters allow many process variables to be handled and various actuators to be controlled.