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Energy and resource efficiency

For today's print media production, optimum utilization of energy and resources is essential to profitability. B&R's portfolio features a range of solutions for energy metering and for monitoring the flow of energy at the machine or system level, as well as motion control systems that utilize regenerative power and efficient alternatives to energy-wasting pneumatics based on compact electric actuators.



Digitization is the key to providing individualized printed products. Whether you're integrating digital printing technology in an existing system, implementing a fully digital workflow, linking production lines to global communication networks or automating digital printing equipment – B&R's automation systems are designed to handle today's most advanced digital printing requirements.


Individualization and personalization

Trends toward increased individualization and personalization for targeted marketing campaigns are driving demands for shorter print runs and faster turnaround times. As an automation partner, B&R gladly accepts the challenge of increasing production flexibility, reducing downtime, minimizing wastage and improving efficiency when interlinking machines.


Maximum product quality

The challenge at the heart of today's market is to achieve cost-efficient and error-free production of short run print jobs at reproducible high quality. Maximum product quality can be achieved using B&R's high-precision motion control technology and out-of-the-box process control solutions such as winder control, register control, multi-zone tension control, repetitive control and registration mark processing.



A modular design allows custom solutions to be built from a standardized set of machine modules. B&R‘s dedication to this approach has resulted in a broad selection of distributed automation components including I/O modules, servo drives and servo actuators as well as a fully modular safety solution. The Automation Studio engineering environment provides sophisticated features for highly efficient software modularization.


Total cost of ownership

In a competitive market, the total cost of a system becomes an increasingly influential factor in the decision-making process. B&R guarantees substantial reductions in overall costs through increased system availability, optimized machine performance, uniform HMI operation, streamlined modular design, systemwide compatibility and a reliable worldwide support network. This is a partnership that pays off.


Highest level of availability

High production line availability is a key requirement in the printing industry. A fully redundant automation system, predictive maintenance based on condition monitoring, intuitive diagnostics and open interfaces push machines to new levels of availability. With B&R as a partner, a global supply and support network means your automation components are guaranteed to be available where and when you need them.


Stability and investment security

A more predictable development process guarantees the lasting value of machines and systems. Configurable, preprogrammed functions for a wide range of machine processes reduce the time and cost spent on engineering. Individual customer requests can be implemented using software libraries that meet international standards as well as custom function blocks that encapsulate the customer's technological expertise. The scalability and long-term availability of B&R's hardware products guarantee a return on investment for developed software.


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DRUPA 2012 – Impressions

Customer testimonials - Print

Computer to plate
01_Computer to Plate
  • High level of positioning precision
  • High level of synchronization
  • Maximum resolution
02_Auf- und Abwickeln
  • Tension control with force measurement roller
  • Dancer control
  • Compensation of mass inertia
  • On-the-fly roll switching
Web-fed printing
  • Highest level of synchronization performance
  • Highly precise angular resolution
  • Flexible grouping of printing units
Register control
  • Longitudinal and side register control
  • Minimal waste
  • Sensor signal processing
  • Effective diagnostics through complete integration
Product printing
05_Bedrucken von Gegenständen
  • Product-controlled color application
  • Exact image positioning
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Precise overlap tolerance
Sheet-fed printing
  • Page feed mark control
  • Highly dynamic drum sequencer
  • Automatic plate change
  • Continuous sheet feed
  • Automated format configuration
  • Sheet tracking throughout the lines
  • Minimum times for format changes
  • Automatic reference sheet measurement
  • Automatic system configuration
Collecting and stitching
08_Sammeln und Heften
  • Automatic format configuration
  • Automatic synchronization of all feeders
  • Sequential monitoring
  • Selective binding
  • Dynamic machine configuration
  • Electronic line shaft
  • Sheet control
  • Gentle sheet feed, lubrication-free
Book binding
10_Block Binden
  • Synchronized processing steps
  • Adhesive dosing
  • Durability of the adhesive bond
  • Glue temperature control
Cutting and stamping
11_Schneiden und Stanzen
  • Automatic format configuration
  • Controlled contact pressure
  • Clean cutting edge
Inserting and gluing
12_Einstecken Einkleben
  • Insert individualization
  • Product tracing
  • Dynamic configuration of the machine software
  • Fast and highly precise thickness measurement
  • Online quality control
Material handling and storage
13_Fördern und Speichern
  • Sheet flow systems
  • Cyclic conveyor systems
  • Product tracing
  • Winding technology
  • Rod technique
Addressing and packaging
14_Adressieren und Verpacken
  • Exact product count
  • Highly precise product removal (from conveyor)
  • Individual addressing
  • Synchronization with the insert machine
Compensated stacking and palletizing
15_Kreuzlegen und Palettieren
  • Highest level of precision for storage
  • Protected product storage
  • Any type can be selected
  • Synchronization with outlet conveyor
  • Short cycle times
Line solutions
  • JDF
  • Completely digital workflow
  • ERP link
  • Real-time synchronization
  • Dynamic machine configuration
  • Redundant production lines
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