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  • mapp

    67% faster development time

    Modular software blocks simplify the development of new programs.

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  • reACTION_1

    Easy. Standardized. Inexpensive.

    With reACTION technology, time-critical subprocesses are executed directly on the I/O module.

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  • iStock_000003706769XLarge

    Industry 4.0

    B&R's Automation Studio engineering software is a universal tool for every phase of an automation project.

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  • Innovations 2015

    Innovative products and solutions

    In keeping with SPS IPC Drives B&R is presenting the new products for 2015.

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  • mapp technology

    Modular software blocks

  • reACTION technology

    Ultrafast automation

  • Industry 4.0

    Engineering platforms

  • Innovations 2015

    New products and solutions