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  • Modulare panel plattform_Teaser

    Easy to upgrade

    The days of classic series-produced machines that manufactured the same exact product for 20 years have been over for quite some time now. As we move into the future, production will require ever-increasing levels of machine and system flexibility – flexibility that can be achieved thanks to modular panel components developed by B&R.

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  • ACOPOSmotor_mit Pfeil

    Modular machines gaining momentum

    The automation experts at B&R have developed an exceptionally compact motor-drive combination – the ACOPOSmotor. The ACOPOSmotor is the only motor-mounted servo drive on the market that doesn't require derating and can handle an entire machine module on its own.

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  • EnMon

    Standalone – or fully integrated solution

    Based on the APROL process control system, B&R now offers APROL EnMon, an out-of-the-box solution for energy monitoring. As an engineering platform, APROL ensures maximum flexibility with the least amount of cost and effort. APROL EnMon provides energy monitoring for all different types of energy, not just electrical.

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  • packaging_panorama1

    Taking packaging to a whole new level

    Convenience, individuality, emotional impact and intelligent features are decisive factors for packaging success in the future. For the packaging line this means accommodating a wider range of functions and materials. B&R continues to push packaging machine performance to its physical limits.

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  • Modular panel platform

    Erasing the boundaries

  • ACOPOSmotor

    Motor-mounted drive system

  • APROL EnMon

    Keep your energy consumption under control

  • Innovative packaging solutions

    The future of packaging