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  • EnMon

    Standalone – or fully integrated solution

    Based on the APROL process control system, B&R now offers APROL EnMon, an out-of-the-box solution for energy monitoring. As an engineering platform, APROL ensures maximum flexibility with the least amount of cost and effort. APROL EnMon provides energy monitoring for all different types of energy, not just electrical.

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  • X20 coated

    X20 system coated

    With the X20c series, B&R is setting new standards for protection against harsh environmental conditions.The compact controller and I/O modules are protected against condensation and corrosive gases by a special coating.

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  • industrie 4_0

    Industry 4.0

    Revolution or evolution, call it what you will – we're well on our way to the world of Industry 4.0. Almost all industries are affected. We are busy concentrating on putting Industry 4.0 into practice today, as can be seen by the tools and solutions that B&R already provides.

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  • wind-1_1.0_de

    B&R at WindEnergy Hamburg

    Today's wind turbines require a high-performance automation solution. In Hamburg (booth B5.440), B&R will be presenting solutions that meet these challenges, including the new Automation PC 2100 industrial PC, the APROL process control system and the reACTION technology to achieve response times of 1 µs.

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  • APROL EnMon

    Keep your energy consumption under control

  • X20 system coated

    X20 handles all environmental conditions

  • Industry 4.0

    A more colorful place

  • WindEnergy Hamburg

    Technological advantage


100 meter data-dash

New (SDL3) transmission technology offers clear advantages for constructing modular machines and systems. Its ability to span much greater distances allows for optimal placement of Automation PCs and operator panels even on more expansive systems.

Giants of the air

They reach heights of 200 m, boast a circumference of up to 130 m and can supply over 5,000 households with electricity – that's right, wind turbines. As a source of clean, renewable energy, wind turbines rely solely on the power of the wind.